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One late night at the movies in Orlando, Florida, two Swedes on holiday were looking forward to sitting down and enjoying a movie with a bucket of popcorn and (naturally) some pick and mix candy. They started looking for familiar candy that they enjoyed every Saturday as kids but found nothing like it. An idea came to them: they were going to bring their favorite Swedish pick and mix candy to the U.S for everyone to enjoy.

Fill your piñata with our candy, treat the children during Halloween or decorate for birthday parties with our candies. Or why not just treat yourself and your family to some of the world’s best-tasting candy!

Swedish Candy Saturdays

Have you ever been nagged at by a kid that wants candy? Well the people that brought you flat pack furniture has come up with a solution. In Sweden Saturday is candy day!

Instead of asking for candy every day, Swedish children are brought up with the tradition of going to the “kiosk” or candy store every Saturday to choose their favorite candy to bring home and eat in front of the television later that night.
Pick and mix candy has long been a part of Swedish culture, and it gives you a chance to express you personality by choosing what to put in your candy bag. Candy is a way of living. And don’t worry…we have a variety you have never seen before.

Assorted candies

We have candy for all tastes and personalities

…and of course, all our candy is without HFCS – high fructose corn syrup and non-GMO.

Our Concept

Our candy store is playful and colorful. Our pick and mix concept is full of all sorts of different flavoured candy. You choose your bucket or bag and go for it! Choose what you like or dare to try a new flavor!

We make life sweeter!

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